Testing & Inspection

Installation Report (EICR)​

An Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) is a periodic inspection report, which provides information on the condition of the consumer unit, wiring and electrical accessories within a residential or commercial property.

Our experienced engineers can carry out a thorough inspection of your property and issue you with a full report. The report will notify whether your electrical installation is “satisfactory” or “unsatisfactory”.

Within the report, if anything is found to be “unsatisfactory”, which means they have not met current regulations, it will be assigned a code:

  • C1 or C2 – remedial works must be carried out.
  • C3 code – work is not essential but recommended.

New Legislation for Jersey Property Owners

As from 1st January 2019, Jersey public health and safety legislation now requires that all rented dwellings must have an electrical safety test carried out by a registered electrical installation engineer either every five years or before the beginning of a new rental period.

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Portable Appliance Testing

All portable appliances should be tested for compliance, to ensure that your business is meeting Health & Safety requirements.

A portable or movable electric appliance is any item that can be moved, either connected or disconnected from an electrical supply. Portable or movable items generally have a lead (cable) and a plug.