Emergency Lighting & Fire Alarms

Emergency Lighting Installation & Maintenance

Emergency lighting systems provide a crucial part of safe building evacuation. Many commercial buildings, premises and workplaces have a compulsory requirement to provide lighting that operates during a power failure event. 

The Leonard’s Electrics team can work with your emergency lighting plan to source the right solution and provide full installation to the required specifications. For new buildings, we are happy to meet with your building design team to provide support at the planning and design stage.

We offer a yearly maintenance service contract, which includes the required three-hour drain down test and 11 monthly flash tests. During every visit, our engineers will record their findings in the onsite log book and will pro-actively connect with someone in your company, if they have any concerns.

Fire Alarms Installation & Maintenance

The current law requires that all public and commercial buildings have a minimum level of fire alarm and protection equipment. All equipment and systems must be maintained to accredited standards. 

Our team has specialist knowledge in these services and can advise you on what are the requirements specific to your building and it’s usage.

Once installed, we offer a yearly maintenance service contract which includes two Fire Alarm Tests (every six months) and call-point testing, which must be carried out every week.

Every time one of our engineers carries out a check, they will record their findings in the on-site log book. An annual certificate and maintenance report will be issued every 12 months for your records.